Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hm. I really like this book so far..

The reasons are as follows:

-It's different from the books we've read before that deal with changes, war, and family
-It's goes quite quickly (aside from annotating), fairly fast read
-I like the narrative voice of Birdie, interesting character and I can't wait to see what happens
-There's a lot of repetition in motiffs/themes of the book, it's fun picking them out
-I'm interested in what is happening next (sign of me enjoying a book)
-It has a few hints of humor in it, although are hard to find
-It doesn't bore me, like other things we've read in the past

Those are just a few reasons why I am fond of the book thus far being at page 154. I may soon have another opinion, good or maybe bad. But we will just have to wait until that day comes when there is another blog due!!

Peace =)
P.S.-- aisacuac is Caucasia backwards =)

..be to feels it how?

So sitting in study hall there isn't much to do, so I have resorted to completing my homework. I've been racking my brain for the past week or so trying my hardest to come up with an idea for our "How it Feels to be ____ Me". Man oh MAN this is harder than I thought; maybe because I'm thinking too hard about it =/ I don't really know but so many things have run through my head that I just don't think are good enough. I've been trying to think of something that I can write about in a creative and effective way that represents me and how it feels to be me. I think I'm just one of those people who can't just 'pick' a topic, I actually have to WANT to pick it so I will WANT to do the assignment. I want something I pick to be worth picking, and not something I just thought up. I'm not a great writer by any means so I'm not that creative to just pick like a computer mouse or something to write about.

My ideas have been quite slim but hopefully I will come to something before study hall is over because our rough draft is due today. Thank god! Haha jeepers criminey! If the final would have been due today, I still would have been sitting here racking my

Coool Cucumber

So I'm kind of upset about the quarter ending because well first off, it's one of my easiest quarters and second, I enjoy the classes I have right now. One thing I have really enjoyed the most are the Cool Writing presentations. I think it's a really neat way to get to know people and some of their favorite pieces. I like listening to people when they have analyzed a specific song or book, it's interesting to see what they take from the particular piece. It's especially intriguing if I have ever read or heard of the song so I can compare my thoughts with theirs. Mostly though, I haven't really heard of the songs people in our class were talking about so I couldn't compare, but it was just as fun to listen to their take. Haha.
Another thing I've enjoyed about the class were the blogs. I liked the blogs because it gave all of us the freedom to type out what we really feel about things on our own time. We didn't have to contribute in the class discussion on a certain day about a certain thing. The thoughts going through our heads sometimes can stray off into another land, but the blog gave us a chance to regain ourselves--talking about something we had discussed in class. I also liked how we could read what the other class was saying as opposed to asking Mr. Kunkle what the other class thought. It's really fun reading people's new posts, and I often just surf during study hall checking out blogs from weekends. I think this activity was an extremely good one and I recommend; Mr. Kunkle-- that you do it with all of your incoming classes. I give it a 'thumbs up'!!!
Peace =)

Monday, December 15, 2008

kitchen silverware

ahhhh yes.

I missed a couple days of college literature and I am now deeply depressed about it. In turn--I am to complete two additional blogs to makeup for what I have missed!

I guess in this blog I will recap on what I did during the snow-day, since it relates to school in that I missed college literature.
On the snow day, I did indeed read Slaughterhouse Five so this is obviously a great topic.
As well as reading SH5, I spent the day with my beloved mother and lover, Thomas. Mother started out the day by shoveling before I even attempted to arise. She then made pancakes for my darling little brother Michael; as well as myself. After I got out of bed I ate a few pancakes and talked to my mother about the tasks ahead of us, who was now resting from all of the work that she had done. We had planned two nights before that we would bake our christmas cookies all day! Mother had already made the dough, as she was so sure that we weren't going to have school.

Thomas arrived soon after, and we got to work on all that we had to do! We rolled out 2 batches of dough and used our holiday cookie cutters to make christmas-like things like snowmen, holly, ornaments, candy canes, stockings, and christmas trees! After we rolled out all of the dough we got on a sort of routine of cutting the dough out, popping them in the oven and repeating it over and over. Although Thomas really didn't do much but bounce on the pilates ball, taunt Tucker the Devil Dog, and watch the random soaps my mother had on tv, he did a great job of being our moral support =) After all of the cookies were cut out, baked, and cooled we got to work on our most challenging task--DECORATING!! =)

We decorated for what seemed to be hours! (But it really wasn't) Mother had bought all different colors and kinds of decorating frostings and cute candies to embellish our treats. Thomas and I worked on cookies sort of in an assembly line way--I would frost a bunch of them quickly while he got to work on decorating them and making them look fantastic. After I would frost the first layer I helped him finish up the details and touches. He turned out to the best decorator out of mother, him and myself. After decorating what seemed to be a million different shapes, designs, and sizes of cookies we took a long break where we watched some television! Overall it was a fantastic day, and I couldn't of asked for a better snow-day! Eating a ton of cookie dough and candy, and being lazy with the ones I love.

Even though it was a fantastic, relaxing, and rewarding day I much rather would have been in college literature!!! (not) hehe. No offense Mr. Kunkle =)

There's one make-up! One down, One to go!! Bye!!