Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hm. I really like this book so far..

The reasons are as follows:

-It's different from the books we've read before that deal with changes, war, and family
-It's goes quite quickly (aside from annotating), fairly fast read
-I like the narrative voice of Birdie, interesting character and I can't wait to see what happens
-There's a lot of repetition in motiffs/themes of the book, it's fun picking them out
-I'm interested in what is happening next (sign of me enjoying a book)
-It has a few hints of humor in it, although are hard to find
-It doesn't bore me, like other things we've read in the past

Those are just a few reasons why I am fond of the book thus far being at page 154. I may soon have another opinion, good or maybe bad. But we will just have to wait until that day comes when there is another blog due!!

Peace =)
P.S.-- aisacuac is Caucasia backwards =)


Kels said...

Yeah i like Caucasia too. Right when it starts to get kind of boring it picks up again. Also i really like Birdie and seeing things from her suspective. The only thing that kind of drives me nuts though is that you don't really know what is going on with the mom and i really want to know :) Good blog

Katie B. said...

I like the book also. I like how the author was slmost able to change Birdie/Jesse voice as she grows up. At first it seemed like an 8 year old talking but now I can sort of imagine the 12 year old.

Kevin said...

I also like this book. I was kind of skeptical at the beginning probably about how long the book was, but after a while it started to go by fast. The auther keeps you interested even though some parts of the book can get kind of long and dull.